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Follow and build my designs for boungalows and landscape. Will help to organize the rest of workers and improve construction system. + details
Our client is one of the big players in the energy sector, increasingly affected by the raising public opinion about climate change. As part of the Marketing strategy, the company seeks to influenc... + details
I want to measure signal delay time from oscilloscope. I send a sinusoidal wave, and I want to know the delay time. I have some basic questions such as where should I start the measurement and and... + details
Model and analyse structural behaviour eg. Shear, fracture of a single storey house. Material of house made of earthen unfired bricks. Model should also simulate the motar joints between bricks if... + details
General Requirements ● 3+ years of experience driving CI/CD for systems being deployed to cloud providers ● 3+ years of experience in a 24x7x365 SaaS/PaaS operation ● 2+ years of experience with ... + details
To bridge a Mesh network using SX1278 Radio with a Pi 3 and deploy code onto a Raspbian operating system with editable alarm outcomes and site ID. To Bridge a Star network using SX1278 Radio w... + details

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