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Using motion detection function onvif sdk, monitor an object on the street with a pre-defined region, alert by 1. Call 2. Email with photo 3. Sms and trigger action to on/off a control system when... + details
I’m looking to develop a simple application for my staffs that can be used offline, and will auto update once it is online (internet). Details as below: 1. Have a product database with product cod... + details
The project requires using a sdk for a laser scanner which outputs point cloud data in the scanner's local coordinate system and converting this data to geographic coordinates using the position, r... + details
I want to build an AI trading system based on my software. The software include trading indicator, which provide all the settings/signals of buy and sell in the market, however, it's time consuming... + details
I am computer shop owner. I need software where you can drag the file to it and have it priced before you print it. In this way you can monitor and inventory all the printing jobs that are coming f... + details
Creating a Face AR Software, which requires: -banner of text running. -Showing 2 views with one pc camera. -Face tracking and replace it with multiple face textures which contain particle effects. + details

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