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El freelancer sería para un proyecto. Mi idea es pagar por la totalidad del proyecto finalizado. Busco alguien para que trabaje variando de tiempo parcial a completo según sea necesario. + details
Copywriting content of new product for social media, copywriting content of selling a service im social media, copywriting content for advertising and promotion + details
- There will be a maximum of 15 posts per week on social media - Each post would require a caption - Visual and brief information will be provided to craft for caption - Visual and info will be pro... + details
I am looking to hire someone for a project. I intend to pay for the fully completed project. This project is for someone to work part-time or full-time, as necessary. + details
Creating relevant content, posting, story's, growth followers but must important create an audience for social media channels IG and FB + details
Blog in English, I will provide the content and pictures, 1-2 add per week . Hello I am looking for help to transition my social media from real estate agent to professional life coach and profil... + details

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