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Our goal is to remove dust from the treasures buried in the books, by providing summaries of the most important Arabic and international books in a readable format + details
Web site language ; English. Languages to add ; Spanish , Portuguese. I want All articles on my website will be translated into the languages. + details
At first, I need to improve my English. I am gonna do a very big project. This project is AI based Project. So I need co-worker to help me. I have to make a training model called Deep Learning... + details
We are looking for a Community Manager / Translator who speaks French / English and Spanish. This person would take care of a community of Ambassadors for Avène ES through a specific platform. I... + details
I speak 4 international languages, English Italian Spanish Urdu I can write, speak and read all of them. I would love to work online specially if it’s a writing project. + details
Traduciré por mi mismo (sin programas como Google traductor) cualquier texto del ingles al español o del español al ingles. I will translate by myself (without any programs like google translator) ... + details

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