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Hello, my name HAMZA , I'am 18 years old , I understant 7 langue and I see to write any think come paragraphe or littre in awer subject in univers + details
I have a PDF scanned document that I need transcribed and then translated to english. It's an A5 with 28 pages. It needs to retain the formating of the titles and subtitles. + details
Exposure to urban airborne particulate matter (PM) associates with adverse health effects, but the exact mechanisms remain unclear. In this study, we focused on cytotoxicity (mtt), oxidative stress... + details
We are looking for a Community Manager / Translator who speaks French / English and Spanish. This person would take care of a community of Ambassadors for Avène ES through a specific platform. I... + details
We are looking for a Spanish to English transaltor to work on a consumer review tech site. It would be a part time job from Monday to Friday. It is preferable if the applicants have some tech knowl... + details
Study Writing is an ideal reference book for EAP students who want to write better academic essays, projects, research articles or theses. The book helps students at intermediate level develop the... + details

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