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ICS Digital (www.ics-digital.com), a UK-based digital agency, is looking for talented translators to collaborate with our team on the long term. The freelancers that we are looking for would have ... + details
Letter to child welfare office needs to be translated from English to French. This is a letter needed to show that a child is in unsafe situation. + details
I am a Native Ukrainian and Russian speaker with fluent English. While participating in a student exchange program in the US, I improved my overall knowledge and had a chance to get an in-depth und... + details
I speak 4 international languages, English Italian Spanish Urdu I can write, speak and read all of them. I would love to work online specially if it’s a writing project. + details
I have a PDF scanned document that I need transcribed and then translated to english. It's an A5 with 28 pages. It needs to retain the formating of the titles and subtitles. + details
Hello I need someone who can translate Spanish, French Italian and Dutch to English If he is from us, uk, canada, europe, it will be pleasure to hire him. Regards + details

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