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The current website is a online service marketplace, we need do some API works with our partners (both sites). - API integration and development - UI / UX enhancement - PHP Codeigniter or Laravel... + details
Hi, we're helping our fellow startup set up a remote dev office in LATAM. The startup works in the insurance industry, is very successful and growing, has a great culture and employee satisfaction... + details
I need is a small and simple btc mining app, that can generate or mine just 0.5btc every time i run the App and then send it to any wallet address.....Mobile app + details
I want to build a website. Earlier I created a website with someone else but it didn't make me a good website- www.fresherfore.com . Like the design of my current website, I want to create a new we... + details
Error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Mpdf\MpdfException' with message 'Unable to set pdf file protection, csprng functions are not available. Use paragonie/random_compat polyfill or upgrade to ... + details
This is an online-grocery delivery app. It aims to ease workaholics or others to do the groceries just through the app, and the fresher delivery man will send the ordered groceries right in front o... + details

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