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Sobre mí
I am a future Engineer with big dreams, and a go get attitude. I became interested in the area of engineering when I was in high school, I also loved Graphic design (one of my dreams was to make video games). In my love for science it took me to try out Nursing, but unfortunately I liked math more; so I ventured in engineering. I wanted to tryout ENGINEERING IN GRAPHIC DESIGN but for reasons out of my control I wasn´t able to. Since then I became interested in TELECOMMUNICATIONS, Internet Networks and how they operate, network architecture.  Thanks to CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY, I have learned a lot. I am also interested in furthering my studies in RADIO and TELEVISION.

In my studies I have learned many things like Programming Languages such as PASCAL, C++, JAVA, ASEMBLER, MATLAB; and the use of varies stools used in electrical and telecommunication engineering like OSCILLOSCOPES, MULTIMETERS, SPECTRUM ANALYZER, FUNCTION GENERATOR, CIRCUITRY, MICROPROCESSORS, ETC.

I enjoy a challenge, two of my favorite sayings are ¨Everyday you learn something new, a day without learning is a lost day¨, and the second is ¨I don´t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it¨. These two sayings talk about the easy path and the hard path, in reality any sane person would go for the easy path, but I have learn that the best things in life you work hard to get, and when you learn something you never forget it. 

I don’t have much experience but I learn fast, and with a given opportunity I can show that I can do anything.
Historia laboral
* Consorcio Tecnológico de Las Américas, C.A. (Information Technology & Services): Tech Support, Wiring Instalation, Network conectivity, Client´s best interest

* Juris Digital C.A.: Tech Support, Administrative management, if something goes wrong they call me.

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