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Crazy about all things tech and science. I want to see the world of tomorrow, today. Eager to learn about everything past, present and future. Software development is one such outlet for me and also keeps food on my family's table. I am presently working as contractor for a software development company, helping with their numerous clients.

I always have numerous side projects, small local development gigs, that I try and hire local talent for, train them in the required technologies, so they can handle them. One of my short term objectives is to be able to bring IT jobs to my small town and stop local graduates from having to skip town due to lack of opportunities.

Perfectly fluent in Spanish and English.
Historia laboral
* X-Team (Internet): Worked as Lead Developer for project with Black Mountain Systems as a Professional Services Engineer, participating in BMS’s software implementation with their clients. Working mainly with MS SQL 2008/2012, XML, Xpath & XSLT.

Currently doing code testing for JavaScript, NodeJs, React and Angular projects using libraries like Karma, Mocha, Jasmine and Supertest.

* Almada Technologies (Information Technology & Services): Owner/Business Relations/Project Manager/Developer

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