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I am a person with great ability to learn new things, with plenty of dynamism and team spirit for work group. For many years I worked in the IT infrastructure area where I could have aggregated many knowledge on servers with Windows operating systems, Linux, MacOSX, knowledge networks. Today I greatly facilitate my day to day development of Java because applications can use various practices to improve issues such as security, performance, scalability and an entire application lifecycle, and also makes me able to install and manage an entire enterprise environment to run an application.
Historia laboral
Gerenciamento do Servidor de Banco de Dados (Mysql).
- Levantamento de requisitos para novos Sistemas.
- Desenvolvimento de aplicações Swing utilizando o Design Pattern (MVC) utilizando API (JPA) com framework Hibernate.
- Desenvolvimento de aplicação Java Web utilizando o Design Pattern (MVC), JPA com Hibernate, banco de dados Mysql, plataforma Java EE7 com JSF , EJB,  CDI e o framework Primefaces. 
- Configuração e gerenciamento do Glassfish 4.1 application server.
- Relatórios com iReport.
- Controle de versão com SVN.

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