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Work as Front-end Developer is more then passion, is my life. I did my first site when I was ten years, since then I never stop using computer to make 2D and 3D graphics, learned programming at college and finally I came back to web development at my intership. I will do everything to finish the projects if I am working with technologies that I love: JS, CSS, HTML, specially ecmascript 6 and React.
Historia laboral
* Tecnosenior (Tecnologia da informação e serviços): I am responsible for building the front end side at an home care application. I started from scratch defining what technologies would be used at this project: Webpack, React, ecmascript 6 and sass. I set Webpack to run React with ecmascript 6, sass, load images and make a bundle to js(x) files and another to (s)css files. After set the environment, I started programming with React to manipulate and save the data from server and used sass to make the layout of application.

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