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I was born in Lisbon and Grow up in Barcelona, where I lived until my adult age, when I return to my born country. In my teenage I had the chance to visit England in four ocasions, in one of each I lived there six months, in Bristol and London, where I had the oportunity to practice english in a native environment. About my work experience, is benn always based on public attention and sellings, mainly with tourism, being the languages spoken a very useful, valued an requested tool. I also lived in Buenos Aires for two years, where i got the chance of starting over in a new culture, with a new point of view from those whom where around. It's been 5 years since I'm living in Brasil, with some ocasional long journey travellings to other countries.

I'm currently in the middle of an own project, so I'm looking for all the amunt of experience I can to feed it, as well as partnerships and financial investments.

(+55 51) 9 86 82 27 79
Quel Pino.
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* Netwoorkme: Netwoorkme is an indexed media and interests sharing network based in a family content system, with patrons of save products and services diffusion and comercialization, aiming on secure user experience.

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