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Hello. I'm Alex, an Android Developer with 3 years of experience:

Below I'm going to share my vision of the mobile development, and talk about how I work and grow professionally. Hopefully this will help you see if we are a good fit.

I think that the actual coding shapes a mobile developer, who can publish the app on Google Play and do not rely on people submitting crash reports. That process takes time and clicks, and only 5-10% of users are doing it. Fortunately, we have modern tools to submit crash reports automatically — Firebase or Crashlytics.

I value the automated testing to catch the bugs early, and the MVP pattern to decouple the code and make unit testing possible. The clear code also makes it easier to deliver the project on time and keep users satisfied.

Nowadays you don't need to rent a server and hire web developers to create a database and an API (to communicate with a database). Google has got you covered with a free real-time database:

Just in general, I stay active on GitHub, and I've pushed more than 10.000 commits (pieces of code), building personal projects and apps for other people:

If you want to talk, click the "Invite To Job" button at the top-right corner.

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