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Hi, I'm Gabs, love passionate since 1994 and a crazy for any art form.

I started working as a designer when I was 3 years old, when I filled the walls from my home with drawings made with chalk and paint, my mother liked it so much that she left me looking at the wall for about 15 minutes!

My portfolio grew even more so with art classes in elementary school, but I never saw the pieces I created again, since the teacher saved the projects to use as an example to younger students.

The first contact with advertising was in high school, in my computer course, in a project where I had to sell a fictitious company in 1 minute, so I created a commercial to present in class, of course my presentation was double the time stipulated , Since the group asked me to repeat the dose.

In the vestibular the decision was certain, Metodista University in Social Communication: Advertising and Propaganda. From there I learned and I knew what it's like to live in this caffeinated world of agencies, I created my first campaign and I ate lots of French fries!

In my professional life I have been part of the history of 3 agencies, where I grew up a lot, taught a little and met great friends.
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Art Director in Marketing & Advertising Agency

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