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Vetarano animator with over 28 years experience in Brazil and internationally , dedicated hard work and studies helped shape my career and skills 2D and 3D animation , Domain of various styles and techniques in digital media and traditional 2D animation , illustration, painting and design and 3D animation in Maya and 3D Studio Max and now work as a senior animator at various locations around the world where individual talent and ability to work on projects of complex animation are proven in all tight deadlines . Skill and creation: Fine Drawing Ability Understanding of Figure and Animal Drawing Understanding of color , light and volume , model sheet and rough animation.both in classical or cartoon drawing and quick sketching , basic backgrounds ( buildings , landscapes ) , perspective and composition , cartoon and realistic drawing styles Specialties : digital content and computer graphics , Master Flash and Photoshop CS6 using Wacom Intuos Tablet . 3D Software : 3D Studio Max , Maya , After Effects 2D Software : Flash CS6 , Toon Boom and TVP Animation Pro 9 I believe that my extensive experience in 2D and 3D animation will be of great value in any major animation projec
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* Ciatech (Treinamento à distância): work as an animator in Ciatech also as an illustrator and concept art

* Fliperama: work with 3d Max doing animation with biped, bone and also as an illustrator and concept art

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