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I also have knowledge over Node Js, PHP frameworks and Javascript APIs, CANVAS and animations. Phonegap and android native development and arduino prototype development.
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Microsoft Services - Latam
Microsoft / Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Chile , Microsoft Index
Full responsive development using HTML5 and CSS3, GIT, using LESS (css preprocessor), assets. Working with Agile Methodologies and Jira .

Colgate Professional - mobile site
Full frontend development of the site. HTML5 and Javascript api and libraries used for a soft UX animated content rich mobile site.

Colgate Max Fresh Site
Full frontend development using grunt, stylus, HTML5 api, CSS3 animations and Javascript libraries.

Comunidad Movistar 2.0 - team developer
Frontend development provision for the creation of a rich user experience responsive site.
Used technologies as Handlebars, Backbone, Jquery, node modules, CSS3, Js pluggins.

New York Harbor Jet Ski
Full frontend and backend development from scratch. Ad-hoc business administration of bookings, sales, tours, fleet, contents, reports. Technologies used: PHP, Mysql, HTML5, CSS3 Javascript.
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