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Through a process of autonomy I have learned to manage various software, applications and devices to understand the role they fulfill. I'm a fan of the digital area, I intend to continue developing in this and the way I managed to complement technological activities not escape connectivity. I have made CRM project coordinators at the regional level, success and good influence among my peers. In addition to generating local projects which impact on the success comnicacional for the client. Study the trends of the market with advanced digital culture, such as USA, Spain, China, UK, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, among others.
Constantly studing everything related to the development of entrepreneurship, start-ups, crowfunding and developing as a collaborator on projects (the last one calls

Specialties: My affinity for technology has given me a different view of how to integrate these in communication. I specialize in:
Digital Planning: immersed in the business process management, creative and technical.
Project coordination: Since the selection of development kits, such as delivery of materials and content at home as required by client.
Management and Quality Control: Contact with suppliers, testing and approvals of projects that were put online.
Social Digital Strategies: That means that the work is focused on how can you define the right objectives to implement into a digital project. How to use the offline (mobile and prints), and combine this in the most natural way to implement it with the online environment to get the goals that we can propose in every project.
Digital trends:To test in the group of early adopters and understand how this influence in the local digital community.
Historia laboral
* Growth Hacker

* Growth Hacking - CL: Blogger

* Independent worker (Marketing and Advertising): I decided to take the control of my life, and that's the reason why we create Independents workers.
We are a lot of workers who are giving a new way to work with people and enterprises (no matter the size of this one).
Specialist in digital experience, we create new digital products, and we are developing any kind of digital projects.
From augmented reality to digital strategies, through the research, definition of segments and developing to any device (mobile, desktop, BTL, etc.)
Our communication core is, first we listen and then we propose you.

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