Diego P.

Software Developer da empresa Proelo Software

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Crafting products for the web demands more than just beautiful design or innovative technology, it demands that you create something that has the power to change lives.
I use Scrum to manage projects and Kanban to control the workflow. Allied to programming languages ​​like Java to make ideas into products. I will build usable and accessible websites, databases and web applications.
Creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.
I like working with companies who make things that make life better.

Historia laboral
*Grupo Meta [4/2016]
* PUCRS [1/2015]
* Proelo Software (Management Consulting) [1/2014]
* Join TI [1/2013]
* Wansoft Business Integration [1/2012]
* E-Sales [2/2011]
* JPC [6/2010]
* E-Sales [12/2009]
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