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Over the last year, I have worked as Software Engineer in C++ as part of different projects using agile software development. I have more than 3 years of experience and very good knowledge of object oriented programming. And I have minimal experience in embedded systems.

Currently, I am a freelance developer working on applications for TDA and I am starting to develop web applications using Ruby on Rails and Spring.

As a professional I am always looking for the highest quality in the products that I am involved. I always give my best effort to make wonderful things. I am eager to learn new technologies and improve my knowledge in software development processes. I consider myself a very proactive and dynamic you are looking learn constantly and enjoys the teamwork.

- O.S : GNU/Linux, Windows.
- Languages: C, Pascal, Java, C++, Eiffel, Haskell, Assembly, NCL, Lua, HTML, Delphi,            JavaScript.
- Scripting: UNIX Shell.
- Formal Spec.: Alloy.
- IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans, Eiffel Studio.
- Debugging: gdb, valgrind.
- Revision control: svn, hg, git
- Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, SQL Server.
- Documentation:  LaTex, Doxigen, javadoc.
Historia laboral
* Freelance Computer Services (Information Technology and Services)

* FuDePAN (Biotechnology): As part of my thesis, I worked in different project related to bioinformatics. The main project is called R-emo. Technologies: C++, gdb, Valgrind, gtest, gmock.

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