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Gaston Create 10 Do It Yourself (Diy) Tutorials- V 3 years ago
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Project Manager con Experiencia en implementaciones de sistemas internos y CRM. Experiencia en Mejora de Procesos internos, Capacitación y Manejo de Equipos-
Especialista en Asesoría de Imágen personal y Marketing.
Amante de la moda.
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    Teleperformance (Outsourcing/Offshoring) // - desde 3/2012//
CCMS & TP CLIENT PROJECT MANAGER: •Responsible of Training: - Manual and Quickguide Development - Management and C-Level Training - Team Training: Team education and development on CCMS usage. Training of new members of the team. - Trainer development •Support and issue resolution: - Support to end users - Permissions and other system configuration - Internal POC for CCMS issues with all areas of the company •Project Plan: - PM Support at project plan development - Development of new implementation strategy as requested by COO - Development of new control strategy presentation as requested by COO - Coordination of Readiness vs. Project Plan: Aware of everything necessary for the system to work ok for end users during implementation - Risks and Issues log •Team: - Data Entry co-ordination: Task assignment, support, processes. - PM Support - Point of Contact with Group SME's and Enterprise Services Managment

    Teleperformance (Outsourcing/Offshoring) // - desde 2/2010//
- Manual and Quickguide Development - Training classes preparation: coordination with Operations and support areas of training schedule and participants available. - Training - Exam preparation per area: one exam is developed per area, per training - Training Controls: 0 – 30 – 60 day exams for knowledge and usage control - Training Satisfaction Survey - Up-trainings: One o one or group training and specific support for end users after training. - Team Training: Team education and development on CCMS usage. Training of new members of the team. - Project Plan and Support

    Teleperformance (Outsourcing/Offshoring) // - desde 9/2009//
- In charge of Training and Up Training coordination and development. - POC with client - Trainer and TA (Training Assistant) Development

    Teleperformance (Outsourcing/Offshoring) // - desde 7/2009//
- Manual and Quickguide Development - Training classes preparation - Training - AT&T - Accenture Certified Trainer - "AT&T Best World Wide" Trainer Recognition
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