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As a web developer for nearly 10 years, I've worked with most of the web technologies, and in this time my love for them has led me to the depths of the front-end development platform, and prefer them before others.
Now, learning deeply the companies needs, and processes, I'm working as International Freelance consultant.

Senior Front End Developer:
- 10 years of experience working mostly on Front End / PHP
- Integral development services (Back End / Front End) on International projects
- JavaScript Expert
- SEO and Accessibility Expert
- HTML5 paradigm enthusiast
- PHP/MySQL Developer
- Creator of unique libraries such:
-------- https://github.com/KaisarCode/Rotate

- https://github.com/kaisarcode
- http://kaisarcode.com

Some Projects and Brands:
- History Channel
- A&E Entertainment
- Monsanto
- Sherwin-Williams
- CitiBank
- Banco Hipotecario
- McDonald's
- Kleenex
- Ohio Dental Association
- Waste Management
- E-Merging Technologies Group
- Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center
- St. Jude Medical Center
- Calico
- Post Up Stand
Historia laboral
* KaisarCode (Information Technology and Services):
- High skilled project analysis, estimate, process, and development.
- International and National invoicing
- Direct contact with clients
- Consulting and derivation to high skilled developers
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