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Full stack generalist.
Self-taught, addicted to learning and problem solving.
Historia laboral
* End of the Worlds (Information Technology and Services): Co-developer.
Hard-core game and proof of concept. Made with ImpatcJS and connected to a CodeIgniter PHP back-end for scores and competitive ladder system.
Beta was successful, with thousands of games played in just a couple weeks. We have since done a complete graphical rework, left the HTML platform and currently porting the game to a new engine for compiled cross-system versions and Steam.

Original site still online and working:

* (Information Technology and Services): Site available at:

This is a side project entirely coded and maintained by one man (me!), on his free time. It is fully responsive and can be used from any smartphone, tablet or computer in the world.

Lingooista consists of a database with the five thousand most used words in the English language and their translations in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. Be advised, these are Google Translations so there are some mistakes, which I am constantly correcting as I find. Proper databases are either not public, very costly or simply not available.

The site was hand-coded using the Codeigniter PHP framework, Bootstrap, and Jquery. It is hosted on a good old LAMP stack.

The idea is loosely inspired by Tim Ferris' concepts of rapidly adopting a language by learning the basic grammatical constructs and the thousand most used words.

* delaniebla (Information Technology and Services): Project Manager & Web Developer for both Front and Back-end technologies.

We worked with both LAMP and MEAN stacks, using:

HTML5/CSS3, PHP (CodeIgniter), Jquery, Node.js, Meteor, Express, AngularJS, Grunt, Gulp, MySQL, MongoDB among others.

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