Izaskun K.

Translator (Spanish, Basque, English, Portuguese)

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I love languages. They open the door to another way of understanding life. I learned Basque when I was 13 and English when I was 23 in London and Portuguese in Brazil in 2014.  After teaching Spanish for 13 years at the University in the USA and Basque language for 10 years in the Basque Country and the USA, I quitted my full time job as a Spanish lecturer at the University to become a freelance translator and interpreter. I received my  Medical Interpreter Certificate for Idaho and for the USA.  I am currently traveling in South America while translating for the Department of Health and Welfare of Idaho and doing other freelance translations.
Historia laboral
* Several companies

* LÓPEZ-EBRI Medical Translations and Documentations (Translation & Localization): I translate medical documents for the Health and Welfare Department of Idaho and I do freelance translations and subtitles from English, Portuguese, Basque and Spanish to Spanish and Basque.

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