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Jonathas R.

Software Development / Linux System Administration

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I've always been passionate about technology, more specifically software, internet and operational systems. I've started working with software development in 2008 and since then have always been improving myself. In my software development career I’ve worked so far with both frontend and backend development (PHP, .NET, Node.js), also with Desktop apps development (.NET) and Hybrid mobile development (Ionic Framework), while taking care of the integration and delivery, configuring and managing Linux servers for the projects. My expertise and current preference for working on projects is backend and infrastructure.
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* Mautilus (Computer Software): System development in Node.js, Express, TypeScript, ES6, using Mocha for the tests, Istanbul for code coverage, AWS S3 and CloudFront for storage and CDN, Git for source control, orchestrating Docker containers with MongoDB, Redis for caching, Nginx as reverse proxy, pm2 for process management and cluster over Debian Linux servers behind a load balancer, Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, Zabbix for monitoring, Debian repository for delivery of software packages, bash scripting.

System development in Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET MVC (C#), Razor, Entity framework, SQL Server, also using AWS S3, JavaScript and jQuery.

Time estimation and analysis

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