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I'm an International Business major student with a minor in writing and editing in the University of El Salvador in Buenos Aires Argentina , and as much as I love it here , my passion is traveling, finding new places and learning from people - ideally I'd spend my life hoping from city to city, but in the mean time I do that through my pen-

I am inspired by the influence of the technology in the world around us : how we can see almost anywhere and learn almost anything instantly.  which open a magnitude of doors for us which allows us to create and innovate in a much better, bigger and faster way.

My work is influenced by adventure,space, science, and the countless books I've read and have yet to read, I am interested in branding and helping bring words and worlds to life.
Historia laboral
Blog Article Writer Editor - PopBoxAsia (Current)
- in charge of writing creative pieces that will get peoples attention in a smart, ingenious way.

Junior Project Management and Social Media Assistant 2013-2014
Hans Thulin first contact representative , spokes person, PR representative, responsable for managing and administrating social media in the latin america section

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