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Anthony C.

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I consider myself a self-taught person, all I need is inspiration, a laptop, and a good cup of coffee on my side to be able to make possible all the ideas that float in my mind.
I love technology and learn more and more about it.
I've developed in differents OS such as Windows, Linux and MacOs.
I've worked as a backend developer and frontend developer, and with both I feel pretty comfortable.
I'm interested in Back-end Development, Front-end Development and Mobile Applications, as a hobby currently I'm improving my skills as Front-end developer (Angular2/4, VueJs, ReactJs)
Historia laboral
Full-stack Developer
Nombre de la empresa: Freelance Full-Stack Developer
Fechas de empleo: ene. de 2015 – actualidad 
Duración del empleo - 2 años y 10 meses
Full stack developer, with experience in technologies like PHP, Java and Javascript.
Mobile: React Native, Swift.
Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB
Frontend: Jquery, ReactJs, VueJs,AngularJs,Bootstrap,Html5,Css3.
Backend: Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, API RestFul, Java, Spring, Struts

Web Developer Costamar Travel Group
Nombre de la empresa: Costamar Travel Group
Fechas de empleo: jun. de 2015 – jun. de 2017 
Duración del empleo - 2 años y 1 mes
Ubicación: Calle alcanfores 775, Miraflores, Lima, Perú

Full-stack Developer Kusicode
Nombre de la empresa: Kusicode
Fechas de empleo: ene. de 2017 – may. de 2017 
Duración del empleo - 5 meses

Full-Stack Developer Tudemia Universities Lab
Nombre de la empresa: Tudemia Universities Lab
Fechas de empleo: ene. de 2017 – abr. de 2017  Duración del empleo - 4 meses
Ubicación: Av. Pardo y Aliaga, San Isidro

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