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  Law School:            Facultad de Derecho de la Barra Nacional de Abogadoss (A.C)
                    Graduate Diploma, 2013
                    Student´s Crime Prevention Project, Founder
                    Criminal Justice Clinic, Research Programm Office    
  College:            Escuela Bancaria y Comercial
                B.S. in International Trade, 2006
                    Stock Exchange Advisor Trainee

  Law Enforcement
  Academy:            Procuraduria General de Justicia del Distrito Federal
                Forensic and Criminal Investigation Programm
                Honorable Discharge, 2008
                    Fraud and Robbery assesment trainee
  High School:        The Brunts School
                Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

    Velez Legal Consultants:      Partner, 10/10/2009 - Present
Associate Attorney,  10/10/2012-Present
Historia laboral
Criminal law advisory; representation of business owners and entrepreneurs dealing with kidnapping, robbery, fraud and extortion topics in their business, implementing actions from crime prevention to  legal prosecution.
•    Labour malpractice defense; representation of entrepreneurs and companies  in claims of labour and employment malpractice and wrongfull legal actions.
•    Premises liability; representation of insurance companies and business owners in claims of negligence.
•    Other practice areas include, Legal malpractice; Products liability, School law, Construction litigation, General business litigation and Appellate work in both  local and federal courts.

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