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Fernando S.

Sales and Marketing Consultant

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I am a 51 years old Business Consultant with more than 15 years experience developing Fintech and International Commerce. I have being traveling around the world looking forward for the best products, services and of course providing the best solution to my clients needs. As a Multitasking, Multilingual and empowered professional I will be handling your project in a professional manner and working closely with you. Also as a IT Geek I will be looking forward to automate yours tasks and fully organized your project. Hope to be in contact with you very soon.
Historia laboral
Seeking a position as a Senior Business Consultant or Manager where extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Project Management will be further developed and utilized. Extensive experience in Oil and Gas, IT, Banking and Logistics.
I can provide your Company with two different scenarios or perspectives were I can be more than productive and problem solving: either working directly overseas in any of your facilities, or working online developing all the strategies needed.
Kimera Consulting 3007, C.A. January 2010 — January 2017 Senior Business Consultant
As a Senior Business Consultant for Kimera Consulting 3007, C.A. , my duties are to develop and strengthen the Global BusinessPlaninareassuchasMarketing,Sales,IT,Innovationandofcoursenowadaysdevelopinga SocialMedia presence.
Kimera Consulting 3007, C.A, has being developed a Import / Export Business in China and looking for new products and solutions in order to satisfied the Latin American Market. Visiting several important cities in China such as: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and visiting the main Fairs and Factories, have being provided us a "look and feel" of the Chinese Business Culture of "Created in China" and not just " Made in China".
During the last 10 years, visiting China has being a perfect example of growth and development.
We are developing the implementation of new Projects and applying New Technologies such for Smartcities: Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AI).
My main goal is to continue my growing experience and the development of such projects & solutions around the World. Frecuent Travelling: 80% (USA, Latin America, Canada, Asia, Europe)
Inspur LangChao (China) April 2014 — April 2016
Senior Latam Business Consultant
As a Senior Business Consultant (Latam) for Inspur LangChao (China) my duties: were to create and developed Business and Commercial Liaisons with several Corporate & Government Institutions providing them with suitable IT Solutions covering their needs. The IT Solutions presented by Inspur LangChao (China) were:
IT (Cloud Computing and Data Centers) Cloud Computing,
Data Centers,
Big Data (E-Government, E-Education, E-Taxation and Media Cloud).
New Business Implementation: SmartCities Implementation. (Smart Metering) New Business Implementation: Energy and Sustainability (Green & Clean Energy Solutions and Efficient Lightning)
Frecuent Travelling: 70% (Latin America, Asia (Mainland China & Hong Kong), USA, Europe)

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