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J. Y.

Full Stack Web developer, OpenCV, Network Security

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About me
I am a Full-stack web developer with over 9+ years of experience in this field.
I have mastered almost all frameworks over the world.

- Security manager, Server admin, and Python Expert -
I have worked as a security system developer and security manager on the company
I developed many security systems and managed many security system developments
Mastered All Linux system and All security field.
Seeking opportunities where I can make use of my knowledge, skills, and unique mix experience in the comfort of my home office.


- Django / Flask / Frappe
- Angular js/2/4/5
- Node JS
- Laravel 5+
- Mean Stack
- Vue JS
- React JS
- Swift
- WordPress / Magento (for eCommerce and Shopify websites)

- Javascript
- Typescript
- Ejs
- Jquery
- Ajax
- NoSQL, MYSQL, and MongoDB

- Git
- StackOverflow
- Azure
- Cloud DBs like Couch DB and Pouch DB
- Cloud APIs
- Cloud systems

I'm a powerful python developer where I have developed many python programs.
- Powerful Engine development
- Linux System, Server admin, and Network Security management Engine
- Bot development
- Web scraping
- Web automation
- Machine learning
- Object detection
- Object tracking
- Object recognition
- OpenCV and Tensorflow
- Kodi addon development.

Looking forward to working with you.
Best regards,
Work history
- Network Security Manager & Developer
- Web manager & Developer
- Freelancer