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Work professionally with website building, using today html5, css3 and jquery when necessary, the most demanding job I have today is with institutional sites and the most complicated is usually with administrative and for this we use php and mysql.
I have studied quite javascript because I have seen the importance that this language is gaining nowadays and my focus is always further enhance the front-end, but knowing the need of back, to be able to full-stack and focus on application development.

As a hobby I'm developing a game with some friends, on principle for android platform and in the future we think to expand if we have some success.

Also keep a few blogs about web development and technology in general, each with its particular niche, I have the blog of Dark n 'Black I speak more at the company where I usually post and new and different things we do.
Has githubpages blog, where I usually post some articles I find interesting and can help the community in general.
Is the blog of the company where my wife together helped improve the decision of customers and future customers as the choice of protudos and faq in general.

I am also the front ArarasDev organization that is a development meetup for the community in the state of São Paulo.

I personally love watching movies, series, anime and cooking, spending time with family and ride with my son.
Historia laboral
* Dark n' Black iStudio: Created the Dark n'​ Black iStudio at first to be an agency of design and creation of sites, but over time it has evolved and today we are a creative laboratory, in order to spread new technologies, create useful things (and useless because we also learn from them) and tell it to people who are curious and interested in learning news.
Today (2015) Dark n' Black iStudio has the Enterprise project is a game for android. We have a database project for links, and we are also developing a CSS framework and an app for financial management.
For more project details just visit our website, www.darknblack.com

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