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Spanish Copywriting Consultant & Content Strategist for businesses

Tired of being just another freelance copywriter, I went out and started my own business. Not another "freelancing" business.

Candidly, it seemed strange that we -- freelance copywriters -- are always telling clients we can help them build their businesses... when most of us have never built one ourselves. It's like a financial advisor who tells you they can help you make more money, when they haven't yet built up any wealth of their own.

Just as I'd suspected, growing my own brand was quite different from the standard "playbook" most freelance copywriters (including young Marcos) go around peddling.

Here are the most surprising copywriting lessons I've learned in the process:


Copywriters and marketers love to sell A/B testing because it's safe -- they write you two versions of something (billing for both), and then, they're covered regardless of which one wins.

What they don't tell you is that almost all A/B tests result in a tie, gaining you nothing... And that the best copywriters can pick the winner without even having to do the test in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for testing, but it's both overused and misused by most marketers who's interests are generally not as aligned with yours as they might appear.


One of my clients showed me a sales page written by a well known "celebrity" copywriter -- it read more like a complicated Wikipedia page than a sales pitch. It was overloaded with too much information, complicated pricing options, technical jargon, and good old fashioned mumbo jumbo.

Predictably, it failed to convert. When I asked the client why they would ever pay thousands of dollars for something that was so poorly done, their answer was something I'll never forget: "He had all these complicated theories about conversion copywriting...he sounded smart."

I replaced it with a 1-page letter that took me less than an hour to write, with great results.

Complicated theories might make copywriters look smart, but it doesn't lead to great copy. Great copy is simple, elegant, and authentic -- period.


Most copywriters are reading the same books as everyone else...

Learning from the same "old pros"...

Taking the same courses...

And recycling tired old strategies and tactics from 100 years ago. It'd be like doctors running around trying to cure modern diseases...through medieval practices like bloodletting.

Take one look at your Facebook feed, chock full of the same rags to riches stories from marketers peddling identical ads, leading to identical sales funnels, webinars, sales pages, and on and on...

How are they going to make your business stand out from the crowd when all they're doing is copying each other? In fact copywriting is the only business where this is BRAGGED ABOUT -- if you've ever heard the term "swipe file" then you know exactly what I mean.


One final lesson I've learned...

While copywriting always fails for the same reasons, good copywriting and marketing is as unique as your business itself.

If you think I can help you grow your business, send me an invite here on Workana. Please include some detailed information -- at a minimum, what your company does, and what you're looking to accomplish.
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Created and sold my own online course 2017-present

In addition to my freelance copywriting experience, I've also created and sold my own online course. To date, the course has brought in over $10,000 in sales--most of it pure profit

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