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Imagine a place full of happiness, where analysts and programmers are best friends, where bosses work like they were not at charge; a place free of bugs, full of joy...
Now... wake up! That's almost impossible - although we are pretty close! :D -. All we can tell is that we are proud of being what we are, that being at <\ duuma IT > make us happy, that keep trying to find new challenges and going over the edge make us grow; and that as is usually said: "No pain, no gain!"
duuma IT  is the dream of a bunch of people with a common vision.

We have been working together for ten years.

We have many things in common: not only do we love technology but we also love hard and challenging work and being useful to others.

As we are ITPros we are ready and prepared to satisfy every need you have and our goal and challenge is to work with “your people” as a team.

Being a “jelled team” is our strength.
Historia laboral
1- Plan Nacional de Regularización del Trabajo
Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of Argentina
Developed in 2005 to fullfill Labour Secretariat requirements, this application is still considered to be one of the most important tools ever developed in the last decade.

Throught the use of it, the unregistered work index has fallen sharply; fact that contributed in a better quality of life for all the argentinian people.

In this application, every work inspection, and data taken from employees is registered and evaluated against ANSES & AFIP services to determine the appropiate action to be taken. In its orbit it is also decided who will be fined and who will be not; who has reached all the law requirements and who has not.

In its heart, there still is a web form appllication made in fmwk 1.1 against a MS SQL Server database throught the biggest intranet scenario in the entire country.

2- Programa de Recuperación Productiva
Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of Argentina
Born to reactivate the argentinian power of work production, the Programa de Recuperación Productiva has reached a high visibility due to its capabilities to manage State subsidy payments to local companies and its employees.

It was developed to both intranet & internet scenarios with .net technologies and MS SQL Server databases.

3- Registro Único de Inspecciones, Infracciones y Sanciones
Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of Argentina
It was created and developed with the idea of unify the vast existence of multiple sources of inspections, violations and penalties avaiable throughout the whole country.

Its prime goal was to provide visibility to take appropiate decisions, and that no one who has ever had a labour penalty in some argentinian province could relocate its company in another province and start all over again without assuming its penalty.

It was first developed in classic ASP, and then migrated to web form application in fmwk 2.0 with MS SQL Server database.

4- Inspector Digital
Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of Argentina

Build as a Plan Nacional de Regularizacion del Trabajo's module, it has grown almost to replace its parent's functionality.

Now it is in charge of the entire labor force survey of unregistered work in the country.

Each labor inspector is able to synchronize his work from his netbook with the server to determine violations and penalties that can be punished online in real time.

Throught the use of this tool the time lapse between knowing the labor violation and its penalty has fallen sharply; letting people know that going against law is punished shortly.

Due to its revolutionary functionality it was presented at the Casa Rosada by the President of the Argentine Republic.

It was built to both intranet & internet scenarios with .net technologies and MS SQL Server databases; allowing to work online and in offline modes through desktop and mobile environments.

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