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I have a bachelor's degree in Arts (Translation & Interpretation) and over 5 years experience with Translation and Localization in English to Portuguese (BR). My career goes from intership to a autonomous position and my main specialties developed since them are IT and videogames subjects.

My experience as IT and videogame translator:
I’m an IT and videogame translator/localizator from English to Portuguese (BR) since 2012 (although my translation career itself started in 2010). As an IT translator, I have experience with mobile devices app, antivirus softwares and products marketing. As a game localizator, I translated/localized games for PC/xbox360/ps3, which included instruction manuals, character’s dialogues and in-game interface. I also translated and localized Indie games and games for mobile devices.

Other experiences:
Although my main specialties are IT and Video-games, my first internship was in pharmaceutical translation company. I learned a lot about the pharma/medical industry and their proceedings and managed to obtain great knowledge in medical translation. Also, I had great experience with engineering/automotive industry and juridical/law texts so I have good familiarity with those field too.


•    Skilled in English Language (Advanced level)
•    Skilled in Portuguese Language (Native language)
•    Translation, proofreading and localization of dialects and in-game texts for videogames.
•    Translation and proofreading of engineering technical manuals (marine, electrical and automobilistic industry)
•    Translation and proofreading of instruction manual for antivirus software, network security and other IT subjects
•    Translation and proofreading of contracts, letters and juridical and financial documents
•    Translation and proofreading of medical texts and pharmaceutical validation certificates
•    Translation and proofreading of medical leaflets (PILs)
•    Skilled in CAT tools (trados 2007, 2011 and wordfast)
Historia laboral
* Aeria Games (Jogos de computador): Translation and Localization for RPGs and MMORPGs, including in-game dialogues and items.

* Active Gaming Media (Tradução e localização): Localization of games and travel app for mobile devices.

* Richers Business Process Outsourcing (Administração de serviços): Translation and proofreading of Oil & Gas documents and marine technical manual for Transocean company, in addition to legal documents.

* Quoted Tradução e Localização: Translation and localization of technical data, texts and dialogues of  Ubisoft and Warner bros games for PC/xbox360/ps3, in addition to antivirus software technical patent and specification.

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