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I currently live in Ireland, were I studied Businesses in Tourism. At the moment I'm studying photography. Passionate about art, travel, books, animal, nature, beach, mountains and people. I am always learning something new to add to my skills.
I'm positive and grateful for life and for this beautiful planet with beautiful people. Share the love and it will come back to you :) love life!
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In Brazil I've worked a lot with tourism, as I used to live in a tourism destination (beach), in the south. From hotels, to real state to groups tour, I've pretty much done everything that involves the art of reception, hosting and so on.  My last job in Brazil was a bit different as I passed a test to work in the court, were I used to be the judge assistant and it was of great value for me and my knowledge, having a different type of work.
Once I left Brazil in 2005, I arrived first in south Spain were my first job was in a Kebab shop, offered to me by a friend who owns the shop, he also has business in Brazil, so he already knew me from before. After that I went to work as hotel receptionist for the summer, as I had good English I was responsible for the foreign tourists. After the summer I worked in a real state and after that I worked in a Wind Surf shop, until I moved to Ireland.  In Ireland I worked in a health food shop for over 1 year and then I started to studied and work with social media marketing, until today.

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