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I am a Postgraduate Petroleum Engineer with 4+ years of experience in both divisions of oil and gas; downstream and upstream. In upstream, I have been involved mostly in stimulation operations, specifically the acid stimulations that involve HTHP, Foamy Stimulation (Acid + N2), Matrix Stimulation in both types of rock (Sand stone and Carbonate), Sand Control jobs, stimulation with coil tubing and job execution planning. I also count with significant onshore supervision experience, working with operator and service companies as well as supervisor as a client company. Experience working on Wells with High Content of H2S,  Three saver and Screens.

In downstream experience I have significant knowledge in the Refinery segment, working in the company as Process Engineer my job is to constantly find opportunity areas in the refinery that could increase the IRR of the Refinery. I have experience in the processes of Platforming (Reforming from Straight run Nafta), Cyclomax III, Vacuum distillations and Delayed coking. Significant Experience presenting projects of the Refinery to Public Finances department
Historia laboral
* Pemex (Petróleo y energía): Hired in order to supervise the correct integration of the new plant with the installations of the actual refinery, in charge of supervising the P&ID and process charts of the new plant that UOP is given us in order to ensure that the project will be successful at the time of the startup and no mistakes are going to happen during the built up period.  As a part of the main duties in this position a process engineer is in charge of describing the “equipment packages” and “Basic Engineering book” that is going to be the base of the whole project so that the company can order in the right form the necessary equipment. During this stage of the project, hydraulic engineering is the basis for a good design in Integrations; basic calculation of pumps, tubing sizes, pumping sumps, pressure drops are required during this process to afterwards express it in AutoCAD.

During this period of time we also have the responsibility to attend any call of emergency related with the mal functioning of the operating plants, relevant challenges were; the prediction of future failures estimated in statistics of FEED pumps into the delayed coquer plant (U-31000), Correcting the electronic failure of a Siemens blower in a FCC plant (Catalytic Plant FCC-2) finally generating the pre-studies of the benefits that an increase of size of a burner would represent for the refinery.  Evidence of these calculations can be provided.

During this period of work we received constant lectures/Capacitation of the process of Platforming of UOP as well as the latest technology in CCR (Continues Catalyst Regeneration) known as Cyclomax III.

Also, during this period  the formats of the new projects of PEMEX-GOVERMENT were learned and projects optimization of  the Coke plant were  done. Evidence can be provided on this

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