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Landing Pages y Sitios

Landing Pages y Sitios

Graphic Design, Web Design,...

Created: Nov 19, 2018

Landing responsive

Landing responsive

Web Design

Created: Nov 19, 2018

baby store ecommerce

baby store ecommerce

Web Design

Created: Nov 25, 2018

Responsive and Animated CSS sites

Responsive and Animated CSS sites

Web Design

Created: Dec 04, 2018

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Freelancer Alberto L.

Mexico Alberto L. 5 months ago

Directorio talleres


Freelancer Ariel S.

"Impecable, muy predispuesto. Termine mudando mi sitio a sus servidores."

Argentina Ariel S. 5 months ago

Implementacion de plugin Feed them gallery en Wordpress


Freelancer Alfredo R.

"Excelente persona, siempre estuvo al pendiente del proyecto y fue muy profesional."

Mexico Alfredo R. 5 months ago

Blog para sitio web


Freelancer Alejandro R.

"Muy buen profesional, siempre dispuesto a ofrecer alternativas al trabajo solicitado, lo recomiendo 100% para futuros proyectos."

Chile PROAlejandro R. 5 months ago

Desarrollo sitio web en wordpress


Freelancer Jose R.


Mexico PROJose R. 6 months ago

Convertir Photoshop a Código


Freelancer Hector G.

"Excelente es poco decir.
Solo 5 estrellas porque no hay mas.

United States PROHector G. 6 months ago

Necesito ayuda para solucionar un problema, This site can’t be reached 127.x.x.x refused to connect.


Freelancer Albert.

"Una sorpresa muy agradable. Excelente profesional y con grandes conocimientos. Empieza una relación profesional para futuras ocasiones"

Spain PROAlbert. 6 months ago

Cambiar codigo de plantilla de presentancion de anuncios y implantar pasarela de pago. Portal de anuncios


Freelancer Luis G. R.

"Aunque fue la primera vez que trabaje con el se nota la experiencia y dedicacion en lo que hace y logro cumplir con el plazo solicitado es un buen comienzo para Alfonso en la plataforma..."

Guatemala Luis G. R. 6 months ago

Habilitar Push Notifications de One Signals para Custom Post Type Privados (Wordpress)


Freelancer Hector G.

"Excelente profesional. Facil comunicación, solucion inmediata, para mi fue una excelente experiencia."

United States PROHector G. 6 months ago

Necesito ayuda para solucionar un problema en mi pagina Wp. (Page not found)


About me
Ingeniero de sistemas con más de 10 años de experiencia en programación web / mobile. Ha trabajado en diversidad de proyectos como freelancer con un equipo de trabajo a disposicion para garantizar que sus proyectos cumplan la fecha limite y el nivel de calidad esperado.

Especializado en Game development con Unity para diferentes tecnologias/plataformas (HTML5, Android, iphone, STEAM, VR, AR, GoogleCardboard, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reallity, htc VALVE, Gear VR )
Desarrollador profesional que busca mantenerse a la vanguardia de AR pero que  tambien cuenta con un fuerte background en web programming y particularmente orientado a Wordpress con el cual trabaja para Agencias de Marketing de forma remota.
Work history
Work history
January 2017 – wordpress development
•    Wp theme development and plugind evelompemnt
•    Customization of complex wordpress sites for online marketing industry
•    devops

Abril 2017 – Teacher at Taller de informatica (Ongoing)
•    Unity teaher (game dev. Using C# and Unity game dev engine)
•    Teacher: Programming for teens. (web dev. Html5, css and javascript – basic level)

12 Novimbre, 2012 - Mayo 2017 – freelance development ( /
•    Android, iOs, windows phone application development with cordova 3.5
•    Cotextual ad networks, Admob, Adcolony, Flurry and others.
•    Middle and big sized websites development using yii framework/cakePHP/laravel5.2
•    sites involve Facebook connect, twitter, openID and other providers. Google map's API.  Facebook API. Twitter API.
•    Development of facebook applications to improve marketing and drive more hits to their fan page. (PHP, Javascript driven apps, ajax and JSON)
•    Phonegap: Android apps development (Html5, css, jquery, Java) Eclipse/Android Studio
•    Android native app development, facebook sdk, google play sdk
•    Unity, video game development in unity programming with C# (monodevelop – Visual Studio)

Enero, 2012 – 10 Octubre 2012 Target is a supermarket chain and tcs works as a third party company for many of their needs. I was involved in two different projects: “Target Roll Out Room “ and IT Project” Client Technologies – Infrastructure Support.”
Rollout Room: Server Refresh Project
• Line Tech / Tech lead for
• We take care of overnight server virtualization for their physical servers  points of sale, SQL server, Assets and protection servers, ISP server; We create and migrate data from those servers to Virtual Machines running windows server 2008 and 2003 in a specific time before the store opens. We need to respect a dead line for our remote work to be done successfully during the night ore we can cause store impact leaving them without price scanners, security cameras, printers and others.
• As a tech lead I take care of doubts and issues that we came across usually all nights, if its possible we fix them manually, if not we escalate to the proper team.
• Troubleshoot any issue if its possible from our end.
• As a personal interest I develop tools in vb6 and PHP in order to make easier all tasks for the rest of the Techs and avoid all possible errors (typing errors or others, attention errors) • Decomission and removal of the registers from the store. Multi-Chanel Ready
• Conversion of Access point to a new configuration and to a new security policy.
• Move store’s controller from inside the store to a global datacenter.
• Many times we had to conference with techs in india and perform a conference call with in-store techs to troubleshoot apt’s Mobile Pos Project. (POS = Point of Sale, registers)
• Support to Techs in-store for the installation of new mobile registers (devices very much like tablets)
Configuration of a set of three ports inside cisco target’s network where this devices are going to be patched in. Merchandise Remodeling
• Calibration and configuration of all kind of store’s devices and their network’s ports. Price Checkers, Scales, POS’s, Time clocks, Workstations, Gift registers, kiosk of many kinds, ISDM (Media servers), Printers.
• Troubleshoot for all kind of defective devices or brand new ones.
• Renumbering and relocation of registers. Reload and Build of new registers. Register scrubs and disk wipe off. Rx High Volume Update
• Technical support for tech’s in-store, installation of new registers for pharmacies. Client Technologies – Infrastructure Support.
•Support through all target stores regarding different client technologies that includes: Target Video Systems (maintenance, addition and replacement of AXIS cameras and encoders). Virtual Desktop Interfaces, Sharepoint site, printers, Microsoft Exchange, every issue with any Workstation (password issues, not working workstations, more) And much more.
diciembre 2011 - julio 2012  Desarrollador php sr - yii framework, jquery, javascript.
• Middle and big sized websites development in yii framework.
•Part time (4 hours) from home, Scrum methodology having daily skype conference calls keeping track of progress, bug lists and new tasks for the next day.
• Use of SVN tools to commit, push and pull to development.
Noviembre, 2011 – ongoing – Exotic food restaurant / Dance club
• Community Manager
• Development of facebook applications.
Jun, 2010 – January 2012
• In charge of server migration, whenever required due to the amount of hits per day the site has.
• Monetize the site hits using different companies specialized in the online Ad-Network business, making the right choice by choosing the best online advertising company.
• The site has 55k hits per day, we are currently using info-links (intext-ads) smowtion (banners) and (adds a layer with an ad over images of the site)
• The site currently runs with nginx (instead of Apache) over Linux servers.

December, 2010 – december 2011
Roxy Production & Management Company, Record Label.
• Assistant producer
• Graphic Design, flyers, web.
• Mostly a hobby shared with a friend.
• We are trying to get in touch with bands from london/Berlin in order to connect them with the current music scene from South America, to book them tours and shows and we are planning to bring IAMX (London - Berlin), Cbk (Berlin), James Cook (London - Berlin) and Pinkat from Argentina

August 2010 – August 2011
• Setup of different CMS scripts for different clients and sites owned by the company. Plug-in and template management and design.
• Catchment of webmasters with sites of direct downloads for (filesharing site with affiliate programs for webmasters)
• Css layout for the design of the site (this sites is programmed with perl and has a template engine similar to joomla), adapting the script’s site for custom functionality
• Direct contact with webmasters customers that uses this site.
May 2009 – August 2010
Watts uk-latinoamerica. Asistente de ventas. Neumaticos mac|izos para grúas, horquillas etc.
• Reaserch for new customers over South America and gain loyalty of them for the company products
Adwords Api
• Continious comunication with china (where watts has Their factory) and uk where watts headquarters are.
• Setup of the VPN in uruguay’s office
Jun 2008 – March 2009
Sabre Holdings. Helpdesk, Webservices analyst Web Services provides easier, faster and more flexible access to the Sabre system functionality and products. Through the Internet, you can integrate sabre products and services–all the functionality needed to book flights –with your own applications. Web Services is ideal for developers who want to build or update a customized booking application for their website or use Sabre content within another application.
• Customer support mostly through emails
• Second level global support on the Sabre webservices functionality
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