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Sobre mí
I'm currently finishing my studies in Mathematics at UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). I have worked for many years now as an embedded software developer and designer, coding in the C language for the PIC32, ARMv5TE, 8086 and latest x86 architectures, having worked in high level applications such as bet taking engines as well as low level hardware drivers. My work includes porting code inbetween the architectures recently mentioned, mostly under the Linux operating system, but have also worked on some baremetal soft applications in embedded machines. I enjoy reverse engineering and the like, and have some amateur experience on the subject with software under Windows. Lately, I have also worked as a Java developer for a company abroad (telecommuting), and enjoyed it very much, having learned a lot about OOP!
Historia laboral
Tecno Accion (Gambling & Casinos) ////
In charge of software development and platform maintenance on an Linux/ARM embedded system. Development and maintenance of an embedded hardware interface driver on the PIC32. Development assistance on the TJ bet taking automation system.

    Buguroo Offensive Security (Program Development) // - desde 12/2011//
· Currently working on the design and implementation of an Enter prise Ser vice Bus based on the Apache Foundation software solutions, such as Apache Camel and ActiveMQ. · Also working on bugBlast, a cor porate web suite designed to aid in the auditing and management of security issues in web applications and ser vices enabling the structured management of teams and resources. · Worked in the development of bugScout, a security issues manager and repor t engine working as a frontend for a proprietar y static code analysis engine.

    Tecno Accion (Gambling & Casinos) // - desde 2/2011//
Ported and coded device drivers and core system for TJ10, an ARM based embedded system widely used in Argentina for bet taking automation. Worked on the PIC32 and ARM architectures.

    Mahual SRL (Program Development) // - desde 1/2011//
· Minimal design, deployment and packaging of an embedded Linux distribution, using the OpenEmbedded embedded linux distribution packaging, configuration and cross-compilation framework. · Kernel upgrade, patch upgrades, kernel and device drivers configuration for third par ty adquired ARM boards. Flash filesystem and full bootloader setup.

    Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Higher Education) // - desde 5/2010//
Teaching Assistant in Matematica II.

    Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Higher Education) // - desde 8/2009//
· Logica y Computabilidad (Logic and Computability) This course was dictated as an optional subject for the Licenciatures in Mathematics and Computer Science of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales. It's an introductor y course in first and second order logic, computability and model

    Tecno Accion SA. (Program Development) // - desde 8/2008//
· Worked in the development, maintenance and desgin of the TJ6, TJ8, TJ9, TR100 and TJ100, bet taking systems core software. Work took place on several platforms: Baremetal x86, Linux/x86, MS-DOS. · Por t of a full collector terminal system from an MS-DOS based platform to Linux/x86, including remote update features and some system deployment tasks. · Development and maintenance of input and communication engines for several gambling games. · Maintenance of the project's repositor y and codebase structure.

    878 BAR (Food & Beverages) // - desde 10/2006//
This was my first Job ever. Got in there thanks to a very dear friend of mine. Ended up with a whole new lot of very dear friends of mine. Best place for learning how (and what!) to drink: Thames 878. Buenos Aires - Argentina

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