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Preetom B.

Full-Stack JS & PHP Developer,Designer & Teacher.

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I am Preetom a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer an Entrepreneur and Innovator.

During my graduation in computer application, I had develop various websites and web applications using JavaScript , HTML and other web standards.

Now , after +8yrs. of Experience i like to code in JavaScript & PHP as per as the requirement and uses it in most of my applications.

Eventually as a Core PHP Developer for around +8 yrs like to code my application using the modern PHP techniques following the PSRs.

Loves to combine both JavaScript and PHP in the best possible way during development.

JavaScript is eventually becoming a universal scripting language for all purpose and all type of Application from desktop, Mobile , TV and more.

My key Skill are:----
1: HTML using latest HTML5 Standard with +7yrs. Experience.
2: UI designer / UX analyzer loves to code in SASS.
3: Using the universal language of web i.e, JavaScript harmony to code any application for any platform.
4: JQuery for DOM manupulation.
5: Node.js for Server side scripting using Express.js and
6. Angular.js for MVVC and developing single page applications.
7. Apache Cordova and Adobe Phonegap for developing Mobile Application.
8. Bootstrap for easy setup and startup of Application.
9. PHP for WordPress , Drupal and more theme and plug-in development.
10. MongoDB , MySQL as Backend Database.
11. Using Various Javascript Libraries as per need of Application.
12. Template engine used Jade and Handlebar.
Historia laboral
Over the last Decade Working as a Web Developer in many companies.
With my Graduation completed in 2008 continues my journey as a Full-Stack Developer Learned new technologies worked in several Web Projects using PHP, ECMAScript following PHP FIG standards.
Had Worked in PHP CMS like Magento(1.x now working in 2.x version), WordPress.

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