Catalina M. M. freelancer experto en Scrum, Administración de Proyectos

Catalina M. M.

Project Lead and certified Scrum master

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Systems Engineer specialist in Project management from the “Universidad del Bosque” and Scrum Master Certified. I have more than 6 years of experience working in digital media companies in differents roles like front-end web/mobile developer and like Project Manager for teams who developed Movile applications. I've always been working using different kinds of methodologies like Scrum and the PMBOK (PMI).

I’m able to create, analyze  and handle all  kind of situations, aplying  all my knowldege in management and implementing solutions for an organization.

I’m Responsible, innovative, honest, I have good leadership skills,and good negotiation skills with internal and external clients too, good communication skills and have experience to organice teams, manage and controlling any kind of situations.

I have knowledge from different kind of tools to tracking projects  ( Office tools.  Microsoft Project, Trello, Gantter, Jira Studio, Service Center and others)

I have knowledge working with (HTML5,CSS3, Jquery, Javascript, Sql server)

Historia laboral
Company Name:            Gonet Colombia

Position:     Project Lead for  Pfizer Colombia (outsourcing)
Date:     February 2013 –  December 2015

Functions:     My responsabilities in this role includes:
•    Manage and Coordinate the Team who are in Charge of support the applications that the Sales force In Pfizer used in their Ipads
•    Manage Resources at Pfizer
•    Keep a good communication between Business Technology (BT) and Effectiveness at Pfizer Colombia
•    Manage and Coordinate activities between BT Colombia,  BT  Mexico, Regional  Solution Center and India

Company Name:            Fondo Nacional de planeación

Position:     Project Manager
Date:     May 2015 –  December 2015

Functions:     Planning, coordinate and monitor all the project and the team who is in charge of develop the Android app and website to follow all the process around the Sisben

Company Name:            Bftrust- Debrain a división of Lead Dog Marketing Group in US. 
Position:     Front End Developer

Date:     Sept 2011- Feb 2013

Functions:     Responsible for develop web using  (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JS) pages supported for all devices, Also I was responsible for organice and distribute resources in the best way the time for execute the projects according with the requirements. I worked in diferents projects like: Amtrak (2012),  web page for Chill And Grill from the Front-End area.

Company Name:            Koombea

Position:     Front End Developer

Date:     January 2011 – August 2011

Functions:     Responsible for develop and coordinate the web sites and mobile web pages develop using  (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JS) from the front end area. Also, l had to keep in permanent contact with the client to give status project and received their feedback to coordinate it with the  Backend developers team.

Company Name:            Zemoga S.A

Position:     User Interface Developer

Date:     January 2010 – October 2010

Functions:     Responsible for develop websites in (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JS) and create presentations in Action Script 3.

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