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About me
I am a Graduate . I have more than 7 years of experience in market research, Customer Support and consulting domain. I am motivated and committed to achieving and surpassing targets, through my initiative, leadership and organizational skills. I am able to grasp new material quickly which allows me to be exceptional at whatever I pursue. My experience over the past seven years in the capacity I have held previously has given me a good foundation within the customer support/service field where my primary objective was to ensure that customers had the necessary information and support they required for the utility service they had therefore my aim is to expand this experience.

Being in the field has provided me with the knowledge of that makes me an asset and has given me confidence to be proficient within the Customer Service/Support field. I can guarantee that my work and time given will be of value to your business.

Best Wishes.
Work history
I am a B.COM Graduate. I have 7 years of experience working in the Customer service field. I have worked with Multi national companies like ( Wipro / United Health Care). I have also worked as a Virtual Assistant and Internet Researcher for (U.S. REAL ESTATE) for over 4 years. My responsibilities as a virtual assistant were, Calling sellers and generating leads. Arranging appointments for walk through / Closing. Doing Contracts and negotiating deals, Regular follow-ups on sellers. During this time I have learned how to identify and solve problems in an efficient and professional manner. •My computer skills include but are not limited to working with a variety of software programs such as MS word, Excel and Outlook, ZenDesk, Slack, Groove, Podio, ACH, Photoshop etc. My excellent reading, writing and verbal skills make communication with management, co-workers and customers easy and pleasant. I have the ability to multi-task to meet deadlines while still providing excellent customer service.
My goal is to provide business owners with high level of expertise that a part time Business Analyst/Consultant can deliver for a reasonable price and to help business owners make right and profitable business decisions. “People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it”..