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¡Hola! Soy maestra nacida en  Argentina, con muchos años de experiencia en la enseñanza en Buenos Aires y Washington DC. Mientras vivíamos en EE.UU., también tuve la oportunidad de enseñar a los adultos. Debido a mi dominio del idioma, mis alumnos me pidieron asistencia en llamadas telefónicas, traducciones, transcripciones, edición de textos, etc. Esta experiencia de trabajo fue una excelente combinación  entre el hogar y la familia y  cuando me mudé a Uruguay, decidí seguir haciéndolo. Puedo ayudarte con muchas tareas! Soy responsable, eficiente y muy trabajadora. Mi prioridad es mantener a mis clientes felices y busco siempre lo mejor de mí a fin de lograrlo. Me comprometo a ofrecer lo que mis clientes necesitan y cuando lo necesitan! Espero cumplir con tus expectativas y escuchar de ti pronto! ¡Gracias! Maria G

Hola! I am a native teacher from Argentina with many years of experience in teaching in Buenos Aires and Washington DC. While living in USA, I also had the opportunity to teach adults. Due to my solid level of Spanish they started asking me to assist them in phone calls, translations, editing and more. It was such a great experience and an excellent combination of work from home and family, that when I moved to Uruguay, I decided to continue doing it. I am able to assist you with many tasks! I am responsible, efficient, liable and a hard worker. My priority is to keep my clients happy and I always do my best in order to achieve it. I ensure to deliver exactly what my clients need and when they need it! Hope to meet your expectations and listen from you soon!  ¡Gracias!  Maria G
Work history
2008 to now: Jobs from home

When we moved to Uruguay, I have decided to start doing online jobs and worked in translation, editions, copywriting at different platforms and different clients. That allowed me to increase my view of the whole Spanish Language and acquired more experience in those different areas. I have also been teaching Spanish through Skype and have many students around the World. My students have different levels and needs so that requires to prepare a special class for each of them. I work for other platforms like Freelancer and Upwork

2004 to June 2007: Rock Creek International School ("RCIS") (Washington DC) Elementary

In March of 2004 I started working at the RCIS as Spanish Librarian and SSL teacher. In the period 2004-05 I became a Spanish Teacher (as a Second Language Teacher) and Assistant of the 1st Grade Teacher. During last two school years, 2005/06 and 2006/07, I have been the 1st and 2nd Grade Spanish Teacher, having responsibility for 27 children.

2003 - 2004: "Escuela Argentina" (Potomac, MD) Elementary School

I worked as a 1st Grade Spanish Teacher. The school brings education in Spanish to kids from kindergarten through 12th Grade during Saturday mornings.

1998 – 2003: "ST. MARY´S INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE" (Argentina) Kindergarten

In 1998 I started working as a kindergarten teacher, for the two years old group. In 1999 they offered me the position of Kindergarten Coordinator and then, one year later, I was promoted as Head of Kindergarten.  The School was created in 1998 (Elementary/Middle and High School) so from the very beginning I had to assume responsibilities of designing curriculums, calendars, rules, timetables, meetings, communications with families, acts, assemblies, festivals, etc. Kindergarten has 8 sections in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. I supervised 12 teachers and 3 helpers and the children population was about 150, covering from 2 to 5 years old. I stayed in that position until May'03.

1996 - 1997:  "COLEGIO LOS PILARES" (Argentina) Elementary

"Los Pilares" Elementary School was created in 1996. That year I worked as the 1st. Grade Spanish Teacher and as Head of Primary. I Worked together with a group of therapists, counselors, psycopedagogics, etc. Having managerial responsibilities, I participated in the designing of the main features and characteristics of the new school.

1992 - 1995:  "PUEBLO BLANCO HIGH SCHOOL" (Argentina) Elementary

The school was created in 1992.  During those years, I worked as a 1st. Grade Spanish Teacher.


"JARDINER" (Argentina) Kindergarten

I worked as a 2 year old teacher in the mornings.

"WINNI PIA" (Argentina) Kindergarten

I was a toddler teacher, taking care of 1 year old children, and helping the coordinator of the Kindergarten with other managerial and administrative activities (Afternoon).

1988 - 1990: "INSTITUTO GONZALEZ PECOTCHE" (Argentina)

1st Grade Spanish Teacher.
2nd Grade Spanish Teacher.
Kindergarten teacher with different groups: 2, 3 and 5 years old.
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