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Miguel González Garciapiña is known for his artistic, and technically approach to design.
Born in Neully Sur Seine, France, he has worked from Visual Art studios to Broadcast Television. To design everything from a fuel pump to a digital opening for the main night show at the FIFA world cup in Mexican television.
Discovering that digital design was the best way to express himself, he started very early in computer knowledge making 3D animation, modeling, digital post-production, set and stage design.
Since 1998 until 2010, every project made for sports transmition in TV Azteca was developed and leadered by Miguel, working in the concept of the visual and aesthetic solutions, to the final aplication, making the creative concept, art and design.
Managing the design team at the world cup France 98, he has got the first place by the world cup organization for the best graphic, scenic, and virtual communications application concept for a sports show in the international broadcast center.
Honorable mention that he repeat later for the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000, improving new techniques to the sets like a 36 meters pool below the TV host desk with robotic lights under and up the platform that holds it, and a virtual set in the corner that interacted with the main discussion table to get a bigger depth of field to the camera shots.
For the next years, he has worked its based on creating visual concepts for TV and WEB Advertising as a Producer and Art Director. Post-Production and Digital Design for many broadcast television companies such as TV Azteca, Proyecto 40, Fox Sports, Canal 22, Efekto TV and Estadio TV where he has brought a concept of a radio show to television, making the set design, openings, and graphic identifications for the WFM night show in the 2002 FIFA World cup, which in 2007 became the 24 hours transmition Estadio TV sports channel and later TDN sports channel.
Historia laboral
Since 1998 until Now - Broadcast Television Digital Post-Production, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation and Set Design, developing creative - graphic concepts and visual effects for the TV show openings
for the sports and news programming in TV Azteca and Proyecto 40 including international events like FIFA World Cup France 98, Korea Japan 2002, Germany 2006 and Southafrica 2010 introducing a motion capture system for virtual characters interacting live with real characters, virtual set and complex 3D graphics, many other international events like Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, Nagano, Salt Lake City and Torino Winter Games, NFL regular season games and the Superbowls, NBA, several football tournaments including national and international
FIFA matches like the UEFA EURO, TGI Golf Tournaments, Formula 1 and Indy Racing, Estadio TV graphic and set design, Fox Sports Latinamerica Show de las Copas, Canal 22, Efecto TV.
Graphic designer and digital Post-Producer for Saint Gobain Gypsum since early 2013.
Producer for Advertising and publishing agencies like Mindbreakers and Grupo AG (Culiacán, México). And many other clients and brands like, Coppel, Homex, Credito y Casa, Waldo's.
1995 - 1997 Signage Systems, managing and administration of signage design projects, new manufacturing processes, security iconography design and information displays
for laboratory companies, supervision and coordination of communication projects and architectonic applications of the sign posting to hotel buildings, development of a
new concept information signs for banking companies and the creation of sign design manuals for the Mexican Stock Exchange corporate building and for companies such
as Bancomer, Citibank, Bancrecer, Sern, Hewlett Packard, ATT, Roche, Novartis, Nestle, Sheraton Hotels
1994 -1995 Visual Communication and Design, developing design projects, publishing corporate design, corporate image, illustration, point of purchase and packing for clients like Hewlett Packard, Phillips, Borland, Aspel.
1989 - 1994 Industrial Design studies in the Anahuac University in Mexico City
1969  Born in Neully Sur Seine, France

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