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Virginia B.

Journalist - Fragrance Writer

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Journalist and Editor. She studied Communication Science at U.B.A (University of Buenos Aires).

Currently, she is working on her thesis:

With some exceptions, human sense of smell has been marginalized by occidental philosophy. However, the sense of smell has had -and still has- a lot of implications within certain social discourses. The emergence of  the “industry of scents” is just the peak of the iceberg: odors aren’t just chemical phenomena. There is an important symbolic component in our perception of odors.

Virginia is co-editor of Té de Violetas, specialized Spanish-English blog about Perfumery (niche, luxury and vintage) and sense of smell. She also was author of another two fragrance blogs: De Voga En Voga and Notas & Acordes. She was contributor of and Harper's Bazaar Argentina magazine.
Historia laboral
* Té de Violetas (Writing and Editing): Té de Violetas is an independent Spanish-English blog about perfume (niche, vintage and luxury brands) and sense of smell.
Writing, research, photography.
Reviews about perfumes. Chronicles. Covering events. Interviews with experts and leading figures in Perfumery.
Content generation for social media (G+, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter).
Public Relations.

* Freelance (Writing and Editing): Writing for digital media: Journalism and blogging.
Content producer for social media networks.

* Freelance (Writing and Editing): Writing of reviews and articles about mainstream and luxury brands.

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