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I will translate any type of text into English, Portuguese Spanish, and vice versa. My translations are human-made and faithful, emphasizing the equivalent precision of each language; taking into account and taking as a preaching the knowledge and customs of the countries from which the languages are originated, as well as the traditions and culture of foreign peoples. Therefore, it is crucial to have in mind the proper knowledge and accurate proficiency in vocabulary, grammar, slang and colloquial expressions of the languages offered in this ad. High-quality translations are essential to the reputation of any business. Automatic translators cannot take into account the linguistic convictions and expressions, contexts and cultural specificities. I am an experienced professional who will deliver excellent results. For me, life is short, but without a purpose, it can be nigh unbearably long.
Historia laboral
I work with translations of any type of text in the following languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and vice versa. I started working as a translator in 2009, I have translated hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines from all over the world. I have translated various documents, books, instruction manuals for Chinese companies, etc. In addition to a master's degree in theology and a bachelor's degree in tourism, I have complete mastery and proficiency in the three languages I work with.
Eu trabalho com traduções de qualquer tipo de texto nos seguintes idiomas: inglês, português, espanhol e vice-versa. Eu comecei a trabalhar como tradutor em 2009, já traduzi centenas de artigos para jornais e revistas de todas as partes do mundo. Ja traduzi variados documentos, livros, manuais de instruções para empresas chinesas, etc. Além de ser mestrado em teologia e bacharel em turismo, tenho completo domínio e proficiencia  dos trez idiomas com que trabalho.

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