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Sobre mí
PhD candidate at University of Sao Paulo - Brazil, is a multiple award-winning Software Engineer, who is currently working to develop a new generation of Health Care diagnostic processing. He has developed several applications for Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Bank Itau, Unibanco and Bank of Boston. His video search solution,, received a grant from Brazilian government and was demonstrated at several scientific conferences. Laercio has actively participated with the High Performance Computing and Pervasive Computing Systems Group at Polytechnic School at University of Sao Paulo, contributing to research on processing sensor data and building new medical devices.
Historia laboral
Flextracker (Computer Software) ////
Flextracker is the first marketplace to medical data. This technology permits receive and process medical data to discover new patterns and help to get personalized Health Care infrastructure that makes it easier, cheaper to users. Beyond this our revolutionary technology will decrease the cost of the medical research on more than 1,000 times. The payments of data to users will incentive the use of medical sensors and solve several privacy issues that block the growth of evidence based medicine today.

    HPC Brasil (Computer Software) ////
Founder of the company, I specialized on develop software solution for customers in Brazil, India and United States. Our customers need high specialized solutions using C#, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Biztalk, SQL Server and MySQL. My expertise is to solve problems that need High Performance. Together with the software development, we are launch my solution WeFindVideo that is a revolutionary Video Search Engine, that understand the content of the video.

    Universidade de São Paulo (Higher Education) ////
Research works in the High Performance Computing and Embedded Computing. In the last years, I had active participation in several projects of the group. Because the success of my participation I was choose several times to represent our University on scientific meetings and conferences, like the Supercomputing conference on United States and the ISC on Germany. Our research activities, received several grants from companies like Microsoft, IBM and SUN. I had participation on research projects sponsored by FINEP, FAPESP and CNPq.

    My Tutor (E-Learning) // - desde 5/2012//
CEO & Founder of the platform to teach arts

    Grupo InterCompanny (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 12/2010//
Support in PHP systems with Zend Framework running in IBM iSeries environment. Develop and maintain of applications using PHP. Support in the configuration and performance tuning in WebSphere and Zend Framework

    Faculdade Impacta de Tecnologia (Education Management) // - desde 8/2009//
Teach to undergraduate student. My class was Operational System, System Management, Network Architecture and Entrepreneurship. In this experience I can help several students to get a better position in your job and 3 students created your own start-up company as a result of our class job. I could lead a group of student to publish a paper in an International Conference. My group was the only undergraduate students accept in the conference.

    TechResult IT Solutions (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 11/2008//
Teach of the Microsoft Student 2 Business program. In the Infrastructure class I had 40 students and 60% of them get a new job after the end of the course.

    DTS Latin America (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 9/2008//
Software Consultant allocate at IBM Brasil. Development and archicteture of the solution to manage Software Factories o maintain the CMMi Level 5 of the company. I could improve the Time Track System of the Software Factory that help IBM to get an excellent Service Level to your customers. I had opportunity to help in the architecture of several another systems that was analyzed by the team

    IBM (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 9/2008//
System Analyst working with RUP, Java, J2EE, DB2 for an Account System of Porto Seguro. I had an active no role, on the design of the new accounting system, helping in the conception, design and prototype the solution.

    Schahin Engenharia (Construction) // - desde 5/2008//
Develop the kernel of the Car Tracking System. My solution can hadle more than 100,000 messages simultaneous, getting one of the best performances of the market. The main advantage of the framework, is that is very simple to understand, permitting that junior developers can maintain the code and create extensions and plugins to new devices.

    Audatex Brasil (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 3/2007//
Development of the new release of the insurance system. The new system has a differential on interact the SVG with Javascript on web platform.

    Fundação João Paulo II (Computer Software) // - desde 2005//
Architect and develop the new WEB TV system and a complete solution to manage IPTV library. The project was aborted, because the delay on the Brazilian Digital Television System. Parallel the project I worked on several positions to help the content produce to portal www.cancaonova,com mainly in the jornalistic department in the big events in the place. Cancao Nova is the biggest place to occurs events from the catholic church, with more than 250,000 peoples on a day. Helping the organization of these biggest events improve my capacity to organize and solve problems with a limited time frame with a great pressure, because most of my work going live to TV or Internet and no mistake can be admitted in this situation.

    IBM (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 6/2004//
System Analyst working with RUP, Java, J2EE, DB2 for an Account System of Porto Seguro. I had an active no role, on the design of the new accounting system, helping in the conception, design and prototype the solution.

    BVTI (Internet) // - desde 3/2004//
Senior Developer to a new Contract Management Web Site. In this project I have a role as a Senior Software Developer implementing the solution defined by the customer

    Orion ZL (Computer Software) // - desde 12/2003//
Software developer and manager of several projects to UNIBANCO, one of the biggest Brazilian Bank. I had active role in more than 20 projects and interact with more the 100 co-workers on these projects. The main projects that I help to develop was: ONTIME - Check Compensation by Image, through scanner, recognize via OCR the data of the check wrote by the client and automatic register the transaction on the database. The system permits that the Backoffice team can recovery the check image later. PREPS - Electronical Proposal, it's a complete workflow of the renegotiation of the client debts with the bank. The system runs on more than 4,000 locations with more than 20,000 users. It's was the main system of the area

    CSIT (Information Technology and Services) // - desde 9/2002//
Act as Senior Consultant and team leader on several projects for companies like: TIM, NOKIA, Bank Boston, IBM and Microsoft. Lead a team with 6 senior developers and with active role on the strategic of the product. In this opportunity I had an opportunity to lead a complex project with several peoples involved with a great pressure and stress on the team. After several hours of hard work we can overcome the problems and delivery a new solution that as the first Mobile Bank on the world. This solution was a reference and some technologies develoed by our team are used now in most of the bank applications.

    PCD Informatica (Computer Software) // - desde 2002//
Working allocated to UNIBANCO, I could restructure the complete ETL (Extract Transform Load) system of the Data Mining of the Credit area. The original process takes about 13 hours to complete and I could reduce this to 45 minutes. The Data Warehouse solution that I designed and implemented run in the bank for several years without changes. I could help in the generation of several reports using by the MIS (Management Information Systems) area that helped the CEO's Bank take important strategic decisions about the business.

    Tecnoforjas (Automotive) // - desde 7/2000//
Tecnoforjas is part the Vigorelli group. This company was acquired by the group near the bankruptcy, and I was part of the team that recover the financial situation. Beside the software development task, I have active role on the production, legal, fiscal and financial situation of the company, where I can help the team to improve the general situation of the company and improve the financial, production and the work environment.

    Eletrometalugica Brum (Civil Engineering) // - desde 4/2000//
Architect and develop a new solution for resouce planning and Customer Relationship for this company.

    Usidobras (Automotive) // - desde 4/2000//
New company acquired by the Vigorelli Group. I was part of the team that recover the financial and products of the company after a serious crisis that made company near the bankruptcy

    Fundição Milani (Mechanical or Industrial Engineering) // - desde 2/1999//
Maintain and develop PCP System and CRM for Foundry industry. Delelop using Clipper and FoxPro. I assumed this position after the dead of the previous developer in an automobile accident. The company had no backup of the source code and all main passwords has only in the brain of the previous developer. Then I need to reverse enginneer all system's company and recreate all functionalities again. It's was a hard work, but improve my capacity to reverse engineer and convert systems from a language to another.

    Vigorelli (Automotive) // - desde 9/1998//
Continue the process of restructure IT on Vigorelli group, I lead the team the rebuild and maintain all technology of the company on Sao Bernardo do Campo - SP. On this place, we have an experienced Engineer Team that project tools for the machines. I could help the integration of the Engineer Solutions with the Administrative System. I adapt the ERP solution for this company and create several proprietary systems to integrate with the core business.

    Invicta Maquinas p/ Madeira Ltda (Machinery) // - desde 9/1997//
After our success at “Freios Varga”. Our team was invited to repeat the challenge at the Invicta. In this new where I can lead a team and be the first architect and main developer of the internal ERP Software, and Quality Software System (ISO 9000). Manage a team with 25 consulters to support users and applications and developing new features and products. Manage the Account relationship with the client and the consulters. The Invicta is a company of the Vigorelli group. After the success of the install of the system I was invited to repeat the task on the another companies of the group in Sao Paulo.

    CTM Citrus (Food Production) // - desde 3/1997//
As a contractor, my company offers software developers to CTM Citrus, and I act as manage the account with the customer relationship.

    Freios Varga (Automotive) // - desde 1/1997//
After the experience in a start-up company, I decide to act as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) My first big customer as the “Freios Varga”, where I can lead a team and be the first architect and main developer of the internal ERP Software, and Quality Software System (ISO 9000). Manage a team with 15 consulters to support users and applications and developing new features and products. Manage the Account relationship with the client and the consulters.

    Time System (Computer Software) // - desde 12/1994//
My first big challenge, launch a start-up company from scratch. Our team created from scratch a complete suite to manage Account Offices and ERP System for Small Business. Using Clipper, FoxPro and C, we create a complete suite that was adopted by more than 200 companies in Brazil. I could manage a team of developers and be the architect and main developer of the complete suite.

    Citro-Pectina S/A (Food Production) // - desde 9/1993//
My first “real job” as developer had been part of a team of 5 peoples that maintain the software for the Orange Juice Production. Using mainly Clipper compiler language, I was focused in the Stock Management Systems and Quality Control of Orange Juice System.

    System Basic Computer (Education Management) // - desde 12/1990//
I’ve worked as teacher of the course “Introduction of Computer Software”, using the software Wordstar, Lotus and Dbase III. It’s an introductory course to general public. First experience as Teacher, I can learn how to create a good relationship with the students, skills that I tried to improve in my future experiences.

    Industria Emanuel Rocco (Mechanical or Industrial Engineering) // - desde 5/1990//
Returning to Administrative work at Mechanical Industrial, started as PCP Assistant and operating the manual Stock Management System. In this phase, I have the first experience with Software Development with Stock Management developed in Basic to help my daily manual job. After the success of my first program, the company decides automatize all process and selected an ERP vendor and I was selected to give support to user and write small add-on programs in COBOL.

    Volksjumbo (Mechanical or Industrial Engineering) // - desde 12/1988//
TTemporary job after finish my internship at Invicta. Working as Operator Machine I can improve my knowledge of mechanical and learn how to fix auto engines. This company is expert of Volkswagen’s engines; however I had opportunity to works with Chevrolet, Fiat and Ford engines too.

    Invicta Maquinas p/ Madeira (Machinery) // - desde 6/1988//
Start as apprentice of Mechanical Turner at SENAI School with the full Scholarship of Invicta for 2 years. Worked during 2 months as Mechanical Production and then promoted to Control Quality Department until the end of the internship. I could learn the fundamentals of the Mechanical and Control Quality. These fundamentals are been important in my career, mainly in the actual days were we start to work with robotic and when I started to work with Software Quality using methodologies like ISO 9000 and CMMi Level 5

    Casas de Passaros Piraci (Retail) // - desde 8/1985//
I’ve worked as Office Boy and seller assistant in this small Pet Shop in Limeira. Receiving a minimum age, I could learn the administrative tasks and the importance of the cleanness and the customer relationship.

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