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Redacción y Traducción

Sobre mí
• Ability to accept challenges, constructive feedback, and work in a multitasking environment
• Detail oriented, fact-finder and problem solver with strong ethical orientation.
• Excellent Relationship Management skills, both with clients and staff.
• Languages: Fluent in English (scored 9 at CLB for listening), Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and French
• Proficient in using Windows, MS Office, MS Excel, IE, Firefox, Chrome, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.
• Detail oriented, Fact-finder and problem solver with strong ethical orientation.
• International exposure and experience in Canada, United States, France, Holland, Portugal, and Brazil
• Work Under pressure and short deadlines
Historia laboral
* Danielle Galvão Translations: • Make properly versions from one language to another (Portuguese/English and English/Portuguese)
• Text Revision  (Portuguese/English or English/Portuguese)

• Fazer a versão apropriada de textos de um idioma para outro (Português/Inglês e Inglês/português).
• Revisão de textos traduzidos do português/inglês ou inglês português

* Studio Depil: •    Developed, Formulated and successfully implemented a new business model for personal and beauty services business, focused in providing specialized and high quality services resulting in saving time and money for clients without compromising quality or technique.
•    Fashioned a new Loyalty program and marketing strategy gaining excellent traction with clients and resulting in year-on-year increase of over 33% approx. in profits.
•    Created a new market segment focused on the male demographics.
•    Now with 3 years of operations, the company is expanding due to high demand of clients
•    Acquired 20% more clients after promoting the services to the male market

• Desenvolvimento, formulação e implementação com sucesso um novo modelo de negócio de serviços pessoais e de beleza, com foco na prestação de serviços especializados e de alta qualidade, resultando em economia de tempo e dinheiro para os clientes, sem comprometimento de qualidade ou técnica.
• Formação de um novo programa de fidelidade e estratégia de marketing com uma grande atração de clientes, resultando em aumento anual de mais de 33% aprox. nos lucros.
• Criação de um novo segmento de mercado com foco na no sexo masculino.
• Aquisição de 20% mais clientes depois de promover os serviços para o mercado do sexo masculino

* Danielle Galvão Advogada: Family/Corporate /Business/Labour/Financial Lawyer with 5+ years of experience in Brazil.
•    Primary focus of experience in business and corporate laws, providing legal consultation, crises management, mediation and litigation.
•    Experience in Document reviewer and legal coordinator. Active collaboration with cross-functional teams and other legal team members to prevent lawsuits and define litigation strategy.
•    Effectively Negotiated, composed and analyzed dozens of legal contracts.
•    Excellent Relationship Management skills both with clients and staff.
•    Exceptional comprehension of corporate’s needs to provide effective legal strategy and solutions.
•    Extensive knowledge of legal principles, constitutional laws and administrative laws.
•    Expertize in crises management, with great results turning adverse situations.
•    Managed the institutional relationships (corporate lobbying).

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