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About me
As a journalist, I have been in a position as an editor, reporter, ghost writer, proofreading and copywriting, for several years.

I work mainly with the auto industry, also work with Business articles and economic articles.

Since 2004 I have been acting on proofreading and copyediting several books such as “Computação gráfica em escritórios de projetos informatizados”, Editora Brasport (RJ).

Proofreading and copyediting of the three-volume series of British youth Cinnamon Girl Cathy Hopkins: This Way to Paradise, published in 2008, Starting Over, released in 2009, Looking For A Hero, 2009 for Vergara & Riba Publishing (SP).

Ghostwriting  of the book "Gestão de Concessionários de Veículos", Publisher Alaúde
Work history
* self employed (Writing and Editing): Copyediting and review the book “Computação gráfica em escritórios de projetos informatizados”, to Editora Brasport (RJ).
• Copyediting and review three titles series of youth Cinnamon Girl da britânica Cathy Hopkins: “A dois passos do paraíso” (This Way to Paradise, published in 2008); “Começar de novo” (Starting Over, published in 2009; “Uma escolha difícil” (Looking For a Hero, 2009) para Vergara & Riba Editoras (SP).
• Preparation and review of the enlarged second edition of the book “DP...o quê” to Editora Claridade (SP)
• Ghostwriting,Copyediting and review the book  “Gestão de concessionários de veículos”, publisher Editora  Alaúde (SP, 2011)

* Showroom Magazine (Automotive): Custom magazine targeted at consumers of vehicles. I write about business, marketing, performance, technology, automotive and culture
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