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6+ years working in the industry of videogames.
10+ years programming.
15+ years designing games.

Being a programmer for more than 10 years, I had to face countless problems in my projects, and I solved them all successfully.
Professionally, I learned a lot from every project, and continue to do so, while also trying to help others facing the same difficulties that I had before.
An achievement I’m proud of is that I never had any project canceled, but when I had difficult times, I learnt from my errors and came back with a solution to that same problem. I also successfully managed to bring the projects I’ve worked in to a new level, passing the extra mile.
I’m looking for new challenges that will help me continue to learn.

- I have experience with both small and big teams, but I primarily excel in individual development due to fast personal work-pace.
- I know how to deliver quick to avoid missing deadlines (when humanly possible).
- I can improve the project workflow between different departments (it always can be improved).
- I'm good with mathematics applied to games (both 2D and 3D),
- I love to keep my code simple and readable.
Historia laboral
Jorjon Games:
Jorjon Games is the name I use to showcase my independent games and open source tools. I've developed many games for competitions, working on really tight schedules (1 weekend), doing all by myself, trying features like procedural generation, artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, cellular automata, raycasting, shaders, and many more.
I have also developed tools to ease the process of making games fast, like a resource generator for ActionScript, a GUI Builder, many game frameworks, a console library, cutscene editor, and some more.

I'm working in one of the most prestigious videogame companies in Argentina. I carried forward the migration from the usual Flash 2D games to all-new 3D games, using both Stage3D (with Flare3D) and Unity3D. I had the opportunity to work from the start in ambitious projects spanning to several months of development, take decisions and improve the workflow of the team as a whole.

I had the chance to work in the Latin American company leader of social gaming. I've worked on MegaCity project, and added some features to the game, like upgradeable buildings, renameable buildings, new tooltips, audio integration and making changes on the User Interface for the Facebook port.

Tribi Soft:
The goal of Tribi-Soft was to make innovate interactive games, using the latest technologies available. I made games using a wide range of gadgets, including wiimotes, wiifit, web cameras, infrared cameras, infrared emitters, custom keypads, dance pads, single touch monitors, multi touch monitors and high-end video cameras. My other task besides making games was to implement the differents APIs of the gadgets to our existing 3D engine. Also, I had the opportunity to be in charge of a small team for an ambitious 3D project, which utilized a custom keypad.
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