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María J. B. L.

Ingeniero Químico de la Universidad Simón Bolívar

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PASSIONATE to Chemical Engineering because it allows you to be in the three fundamental stages of any process: DESIGN, EXECUTE and EVALUATE.

Currently, I am Manufacturing Specialist for Contract Manufacturing at Nestlé Venezuela, the most important Food Company in the world. Throughout my experience in this SUCCESSFUL company, I have been able to DEVELOP service providers in accordance with Business requirements, whilst ensuring full compliance with Nestlé Corporate Guidelines. The main objective is to CREATE an industrial fabric in Venezuela, working with local raw material. At the moment, we have two approved third parties and almost ten with high potential.

I have developed (and am developing) Co-Manufacturers in different regions of the country with the help of a MULTIDISCIPLINARY team and I want to continue SUPPORTING and LEARNING of processes in any Industry.

AREA OF KNOWLEDGE: Manufacturing, Quality, Safety and Environmental Health, Innovation and Renewal, Supply, Procurement, Leadership, Teamwork, Excelence, Process Indicators.
Historia laboral
1) Manufacturing Specialist
Nestlé Venezuela S.A.
To ensure the execution of Contract Manufacturing strategy in accordance with Business requirements, whilst ensuring full compliance with Nestlé Corporate Guidelines.
To support the development and introduction of new products, processes and packaging whilst continually reviewing existing practices to ensure compliance with Nestlé Standards and seek improvements in manufacturing performance, product quality, cost and rennovation of existing products.

2) VP Technical / Development of New Products
Nestlé Venezuela S.A.
Jun. de 2016 – Jun. de 2017 
The main objective is to support the development of new mass consumer products with local materials. The development of the projects will be done in the Department of Manufacturing, having interaction with other departments, such as: Security, Quality, Development, Continuous Improvement, Innovation and Renewal.

3) Intern
Grupo FARMA S.A.
Jul. de 2014 – Dic. de 2014
The aim of this intern is to validate the analytical methods for content determination and dissolution of the product Tadalafil 5mg, 10mg and 20mg Coated Tablets by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) for the separation, quantification and detection of the active ingredient , with the aim that this validation be applied in the Laboratory of Galenic Development of PRO FARMA S.A.
For the certification of the methods, it was demonstrated that they comply with the validation parameters established by the American Pharmacopoeia (USP) and the ICH (International Tripartite Conference on Harmonization). Properties such as Selectivity, Detection and Quantification Limits, Precision, Linearity and Range, Accuracy and Reproducibility were determined and validated.

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