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Brasileira e carioca, 27 anos. Atualmente cursando preparatório do Proficiency em Inglês da universidade de Cambridge ( CPE).
Business communication student with a bachelor`s in Business Administration Marketing focused. 
I'm creative and innovative and am interested in working in Marketing giving me the opportunity to grow and explore new ideas. 

Since I was kid my brain would always try to find new things to do and some different ways to entertain others around me. 

My years of experience as an assistant manager helped me to improve my communication skills.
I truly believe that is a necessity in business to learn how to deal with issues under pressure, and to make good decisions in a short amount of time.

I believe in helping others and creating ways to make their lives easier and simpler.  My mind is always trying to create ways to make things more efficiently and that is crucial when working with costumers, and also in interpersonal relations in a team. 

I am goal oriented and don’t like procrastinating. If I have a task, I won’t stop until I am done with it. Being committed and responsible to what you are doing and putting your whole heart into it is essential to succeed and feel accomplished.

I have research, analysis, writing skills. I demonstrated these by achieving a top grade in my final project where I discussed the risks and advantages in the process of internalization of companies.
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